I am QHHT  certified (quantum healing hypnosis technique), and hold a biological science PhD. with a background in research.  I am also a spiritual seeker, with a keen interest in metaphysics.

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I practice a form of hypnosis that encompasses communication with the higher self (sub-conscious mind), past life regressions, and spirit journeying.  The aim is to gain increased awareness, facilitate self-healing from the past,  and promote realization of goals.

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In my meditation practice, I facilitate connection with your higher self, promote relaxed and self- healing states, increasing your vibration (energy), and employing the law of attraction to change your reality for the better.

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Hypnosis & Meditation Practice

Hypnosis and meditation are powerful techniques that can be used for increased spiritual awareness, self-healing, and achieving life goals.  The higher self (sub-conscious) possesses all the memories and knowledge about your life, and can be accessed via hypnosis, to answer both personal and wider-scope questions. This higher self-access can also be achieved and taught, using meditation techniques.

Are you curious about past lives that you may have lived? In my hypnosis practice I carry out past life regressions. These regressions may be used to address issues or questions that seep through into this lifetime. This may include an understanding of karmic ties and contracts. I communicate you’re your subconscious mid (or higher self) to ask questions that you have about your life..

Furthermore, more far reaching spiritual insights may be gained via hypnosis and meditation, for the spiritual seeker. This includes information about the new earth (our future for a better planet), ascension, past lives, your energy body, how to increase your vibration, your soul origin and history, and more. The information is all within you.

There is a link between hypnosis and meditation, and in my meditation practice, I teach you how to connect with your higher self, promote relaxed and self- healing states, and employing the law of attraction for your goals and aspirations.